Pop-up Chess Park

Playing Giant Chess at the Pop-up Chess Park

The Detective Cookie Chess Park Summer Pop Up Event that took place on August 18th 2019 was definitely something to remember. The Rainer Beach Community showed a lot of love and support for this event. Ezell’s Famous Fried Chicken, Beach Bakery, Safeway (Rainer Beach Location) and Drae’s Lake Route were kind and gracious enough to donate food for this event. With their contributions we were able to provide a variety of food to our event attendees in which they enjoyed all of it until it was gone. It helped make a lovely day as the sun was out, our DJ was playing inter-generational music for all to enjoy, and neighbors were playing chess or socializing with fellow community members. We had a large turn out- some people were return patrons and some people joined the fun just because they were passing by. It was great that all felt welcomed and seemed to be having a good time. In fact a few people had so much fun they felt inspired to give us donations toward helping us build the park which was overly kind of them, and helpful for us as well.

Existing King & Queen Statues at the Pop-up Chess Park

We also were lucky enough to have invited Jaylin, who is a Kid Entrepreneur and owner of Creations by Jaylin, to stop by and surprise Detective Cookie with a new pair of her exclusive handmade button earrings. Detective Cookie was filled with joy as she had remembered meeting Jaylin at a past community event. Detective Cookie loves supporting the kids who are making a positive impact on their fellow peers and community.

Jaylin and Detective Cookie

This may have been our last summer pop up event for 2019, but the way this event went it leaves us excited about next year’s pop-up events as ideas are already floating around for them. Just thinking about the impact that pop-up events have already made on the community makes us more excited about for what’s to come once we get the Detective Cookie Chess Park fully built. What a wonderful addition this park will be to the community.

So far they are tied…..